About Us


For those of you unfamiliar with High Society, we are the band your parents warned you about…brushed aside by elitist society and forced to raise ourselves on the rough streets of Columbus, Ohio.  We are collective of musicians with the intention of uniting the world through song and dance (much like at the end of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey)

We are fronted by The Charismatic Enigma known as Mr. Bubbles:

Who is Mr. Bubbles?

He’s been written about in books:


Children whisper about him in classrooms:


He’s the subject of art:


Hipsters love him:


We are all witnesses:


The rest of the High Society Columbus crew is a buffet of raw talent, sex, and devotion.

They are:

The Sexecutioner

The Sexecutioner

Lady Dominguez

Ladt Dominguez

Sir Nasty


Lady Destro

Lady Destro

Vanilla Porter

Vanilla Porter

W currently have 2 albums available to purchase or download for free (we don’t give a shit)

They Are:

Pocket Full of Monocles

Pocket Full of Monocles

Come With Us if You Want to Live!

COVER Come With Us If You Want to Live!

We’ve written music for other bands, cartoons, films, radio, teeth whitening commercials (we still have no fucking clue why they came to us for that one) and more…hit us up for more info.

Mr. Bubbles is sensitive…so please don’t talk shit to him.


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