First 2 Albums Now Available on Spotify!

After what some are considering the trial of the century (you’ll hear all about it on season 2 of Serial), we have officially beat the FCC and won the right to re-distribute our first 2 albums! ┬áCheck them out on iTunes or stream for free on Spotify under


High Society Columbus_Come With Us

“Come With Us if You Want to Live” by High Society Columbus

"Pocket Full of Monocles" by High Society Columbus

“Pocket Full of Monocles” by High Society Columbus


“I Love to Beat” – (our epic ode to beating off)

This is the song/video that may keep us from the political career we once dreamed of.

To our parents, “we’re sorry…you raised us better than this.”

To our fans, “you’re welcome!”

In case you were dying for some behind the scenes footage of the worst day of my life:

Bicycle Beating Front Face Beating Choke Beating Gotta look sharp! resting IMG_3393