First 2 Albums Now Available on Spotify!

After what some are considering the trial of the century (you’ll hear all about it on season 2 of Serial), we have officially beat the FCC and won the right to re-distribute our first 2 albums!  Check them out on iTunes or stream for free on Spotify under


High Society Columbus_Come With Us

“Come With Us if You Want to Live” by High Society Columbus

"Pocket Full of Monocles" by High Society Columbus

“Pocket Full of Monocles” by High Society Columbus


New Track – “Roofie Colada”

Let Mr. Bubbles and High Society take you on a roofie-fueled voyage into a magical land where is everything is beautiful and nothing hurts!

High Society / Disney’s Skeleton Dance Mash-up

Until we can find an abandoned factory that Mr. Bubbles can punch dance his way through like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, we’ll have to settle on Disney’s classic skeleton dance as the backdrop for our new song, “Come With Us If You Want to Live”

For All the Cleveland Chicks Out There….

Cleveland Chicks are Raw Dog…and this is our ode to them!

Clubin, Dancin, Pumpin , and funkin

Cleveland….Ain’t nothing fuck with

Fightin, Ballin, Ridin and Callin

Cleveland …Ain’t nothing to fuck with

Cleveland chicks ain’t nothin to fuck with x3

I’m a Cleveland chick I ain’t nothin to fuck with

Attitude hot settin fire to a lake

And everytime she drank she was lookin to hate

Cat scratch fever man, From head to toes

Browns tattoo with a stud in her nose

Rippin those grits drinking sparx from a can

Hot headed mamma from the city of the land

Drives a white cavalier with the windows tint black

If you’re hittin on her man than you’re bound to get slapped


In seven inch heels

Gotta nine to five and pays her own bills

Gotta boy toy with a man on the side

Par classy chick with that strong Cleveland pride

Closin down bars is an every night thing

Musky ass panties with a rusty clit ring

-Ya dig?

-I dig?

Cleveland chicks ain’t nothin to fuck with

I’m a Cleveland chick I ain’t nothin to fuck with

You’re girl so sassy, Lacks the classy

Likes to get down but she loves to get nasty

Look at your girl all stuntin around

Your girl fucks so much Westlake to C-town

Your broad so hot others can’t resist

Sexy daddy issues with slits on her wrist

Cleveland Chicks you know they liked to get raw

With a white boy beater and a murdered out bra

Nails like a cat and teeth like a tiger

Look at her wrong you know she wants to fight ya

Four loco in hand

Bitch it’s November that’s a fake bake tan

Girl watcha thinkin you can’t text for sex

Besides you’re from Cleveland you’re a fucking hot mess

I’m from the Lou and you know that I’m proud

Cleveland is the city where we love to get down.

Cleveland chicks ain’t nothin to fuck with

I’m a Cleveland chick

I ain’t nothin to fuck with

I’m big dick daddy from Cinncinati

Passin Paul Brown Stadium in my luxury caddie

I rock a three piece suit cause I’m high class

If I wanna get raw I find some Cleveland ass

See there not like other girls who keep a moderate pace

They’ll break off your dick and slap you right in the face

Don’t test it for yourself cause it ain’t no myth

Cleveland chicks ain’t nothin to fuck with!