Help Us Win a Bet!!!

So we made a bet with a friend that if we could write a 3-track country album and sell 1200 copies, our friend would have to get a tattoo of Nicholas Cage’s face on his upper/inner thigh!

Check out the story!

The album is available for only $3 here:


Sophomore Release Now Available for Only $5

“Roofie Colada”
“Cocaine Cowboy”
“Fit Corporate Women”
“Kill it With Dance”
…and more!

Best Day Ever!

Let High Society tell you about the best day they ever had.

It involved:

captain crunch cereal
no line at Starbucks
cute baristas
grey poupon
Verizon Rebates
0 messages in our inbox
Sexy cart girls on the golf course
…and much more!

High Society / Disney’s Skeleton Dance Mash-up

Until we can find an abandoned factory that Mr. Bubbles can punch dance his way through like Kevin Bacon in Footloose, we’ll have to settle on Disney’s classic skeleton dance as the backdrop for our new song, “Come With Us If You Want to Live”

“Like a Girl from a Novel by Nicholas Sparks”

Watch the Intrepid Traveler himself, Trey St. Thomas, as he dances his way through the British Virgin Islands to the musical genius of High Society’s “Can’t Stop”. Trey will melt your heart (and possibly your panties)